William Paul, Writer

Sleeping Dogs

Gamey, amoral ... a reminder that Scottish crime is rougher and tougher and somehow more jaunty than the kind celebrated down south.

Published by Endeavour Press

Sleeping Pretty

Convincing settings add to the attraction of plot that is convoluted without being over-complicated.

Published by Endeavour Press

Sleeping Partner

It moves at breakneck pace through a swiftly changing landscape of human emotions where logic and reason are fragile concepts.

Published by Endeavour Press

More books

Seasons of Revenge

Severn House 1985, Futura 1987

A thriller of rare power, the spare writing style keeps the tension keening up to a fearful end.

Mummy's Boy

Macdonald 1987, Futura 1988

A strong psychological tale, vividly written, depressingly believable in its horrific detail.

The Hindmost

Macdonald 1988, Futura 1989

Mr Paul has a refreshingly wider vocabulary than most thriller writers.

The Lion Rampant

Macdonald 1989

As Wallace edges ever nearer his objective sinister forces begin to conspire against him on opposite sides of the world.

Dance of Death

Severn House 1991

It becomes impossible to tell who is there to guard and who to kill as partners take the floor in a terrifying dance of death.

Stranger Things

Constable 1997

A highly charged novel that takes the reader outside the normal boundaries of law and order to a place where the rules simply do not apply.


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